Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crafty Kids

There is never a shortage of kids craft in our household. We have numerous boxes, tubs and drawers (far too many in fact) dedicated to kids craft. And not just the craft supplies (the paper, glue, scissors, wiggly eyes, textas, crayons, card, glitter, felt etc) but also the completed (or in-progress) craft projects. And of course we never manage to sort any of it and reduce the amount we have, because my children want to keep every little cut-out, scribbled on paper or glued together 'thing'. Do your children do this too? Do you have any solutions for keeping kids craft organised?

I'm also a pretty good hoarder of all things crafty...pretty fabrics, card in colours that have inspired me on a particular craft shop visit, pieces of felt, jars full of buttons, thread in every possible colour...not to mention the many half finished projects tucked away in drawers, or on my desk, eagerly awaiting my return!

It was my stash of craft that I turned to for help one day during the recent school holidays. The boredom was setting in, the bickering was beginning, and I needed a quick distraction before it escalated. After a quick rummage through my craft supplies I managed to fill a couple of cellophane bags with a selection of paper and card offcuts, stickers, ribbons, cards and envelopes. As quickly as I had filled the bags, the kids had scattered the contents of theirs across the dining table. The textas, glue and scissors were next, and their projects were underway.

It did lead to quite a bit of mess, as kids craft always does, but at least I got to listen to their happy banter rather than the bickering...always worth the mess, isn't it?

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