Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Royal Renovation

It’s been a week of tiles, cupboards, basins and bench tops, after a  plan to remove some overhead kitchen cupboards and install a new rangehood, turned into a plan for a complete kitchen renovation…PLUS a minor renovation of the bathroom!

Idea gathering at Home Base

 Both of these ‘big’ jobs had been on the to-do list for a couple of years…but suddenly the inspiration struck and the timing was right.

My husband is a man of action, and just as soon as the decision was made to tackle these big jobs, a bathroom vanity, basin and tiles had been purchased, and the renovations were underway, with the bathroom being first off the block.

Even with all of the dust and debris, bashing and clanging, we couldn’t help but pop the telly on for a glimpse of the Royal Wedding…which led to a lot less bashing and clanging and a lot more reminiscing about past UK visits, talk of places we’d love to visit again, and promises to our little ones that we will take them to England and show them where Daddy was born. We also had to answer a continuous stream of questions from our five year old such as “Who is that lady?” when the Queen arrived, which then led to “is Prince William marrying his Nana?” Precious :)

Image credit: Tom Curtis

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Brian said...

Looks like hard work. Hope the bug is not catching. :o)