Saturday, April 16, 2011

Creative Spaces

Interiors magazines are my weakness. I read them, hoard them and re-read them. I have a couple of favourites delivered to my door every month (well, to my mailbox at least) and the sense of excitement I get never waivers.

You can imagine my delight then, when I recently discovered two new creative/interiors type magazines, when they were mentioned by the very peachy Dottie Angel. The first was frankie magazine, an Australian publication, with a bit of everything from art and craft to interiors, music and fashion. But even better than frankie, was the discovery of Spaces, a 'mook' (part magazine, part book) that was recently published by frankie magazine.

Spaces is a collection of interviews and photographs exploring the spaces where creative people live, work and play. I have not been able to put this magazine down since it arrived on my doorstep (yes this one really was delivered to my door!) There is so much creative goodness to be discovered in just the photos alone, and after a week I have barely scratched the surface.

Not all of the spaces featured are quite my cup of tea, but there is definitely inspiration to be found in them all. The 'Creatives' featured are from all corners of the world and it is fascinating to get a little bit of insight into the way their minds tick, and what gets their creative juices flowing.

The little corner that is Cotton And Card

My own creative space is really just that...a space. It isn't a studio, or even a whole room, but a little corner set aside, within a room, in my home. It is a newly created space, and a work in progress, just like Cotton And Card. Not all of my creating happens in this corner. Sometimes it moves to the dining table, or the lounge room, or often wherever my children are playing. But no matter where I choose to create, having this little space set aside helps to keep me focused and organised.

A couple of weeks ago I set myself the challenge of learning crochet. I am happy to report that I have made some progress, and you may now occasionally (when a rare spare moment presents itself) find me happily (if not rather awkwardly) working a double crochet. 

But until my skills improve, my mum is my supplier of pretty crochet flowers, which I have been stitching onto hair elastics and glittery hair bands. I will be listing these accessories in the shop over the next couple of days. 

And now for a good interiors magazine and a cup of green tea...

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