Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Little Less "Girly"

My son has been complaining lately that my hand crafted items are mostly for girls. With my daughter often trying out new hair accessories, brooches etc as I am working on them, my son, bless him, has been feeling a little left out.

So together we set out to create something a little less less girly. I had some inexpensive children's t-shirts set aside that I had picked up on sale. They were plain and I had intended to use a bit of creative flair to spruce them up.

Being a little short on time this particular day, I needed to keep my project fairly simple. I had some fabric leftover from making my son's library bag earlier in the year (see I do make things for him) which had on it some great little monsters, perfect for a quick appliqué project.

My son also created his own t.shirt design, which I must admit, took a lot more time to make than mine, and did turn out rather splendidly. It is certainly a wearable design, however I'm not quite sure how it will hold up in the wash, as most of his fabric was attached with double sided craft tape!

Modelling his masterpiece

When I showed my finished project to my son, he looked at it rather blankly and then commented on the amount of space still left on the shirt! I guess I like my designs to be a little more minimal than he does. (Oh, and I did manage to squeeze in a simple 'girly' shirt too).


On the shop front...the first of my fold up shopping bags are available, plus an adorable new set of hair elastics made from upcycled fabric.

So handy!

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