Saturday, May 5, 2012

a change of heart

I've been thinking a lot about blogging again today, and it seems I've had a change of heart. Rather than write a daily post, I've decided it might be time to stop posting all together...

Blogger has been wonderful, and I've met some amazing people along the way, but it just isn't where I want to be spending my time right now.

You can still find me here and here though, and I'd love you to pop over and say hi.

Tracey xx

Friday, May 4, 2012


Miss A is always drawing, painting and colouring-in. I've got folders overflowing with her artwork, and pictures stuck all over the fridge. But this latest painting was definitely deserving of a frame. Even her Kindy teachers were blown away by her trees, and the clever technique she used to 'dab' the paint on to make the leaves on the trees look real.

So today while the kids were at school, hubby and I framed her painting and when she came home we hung it in her room. She was as proud as punch, and so were we.

Hubby did some painting today too - in the laundry. Although the laundry was next on the renovation list, it certainly hadn't been on our list of things to do least it wasn't until we popped into that is a sure fire way to kick start a renovation. Not only did we leave with a frame for Miss A's painting, but a laundry storage unit, a work top and lots of ideas!

And still on the painting theme...the Canterbury Art Show opened tonight! It runs all weekend, and I am so excited and proud that some crochet bags and beanies handmade by my mother are for sale in the Gift Shop. Have a peek over here to see some of the amazing artwork for sale, and the gorgeous handmade goodies in the Gift Shop!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

bakers twine - for photo a day may

I spent most of this morning photographing these cute cards wrapped in Bakers twine, for Paper Cotton Love, so it seemed appropriate to post one of them here as my photo for the day.

I know lots of people are following certain 'rules' for Photo a Day May, such as using Instagram to photograph something related to the particular theme for that day, but I am not doing that here. I am just using the idea of 'a photo a day' as motivation to get me back into regular blogging. I want each photo to be taken without effort, rather than it becoming another 'task' to complete within the timeframe.

I photographed the bakers twine in lots of colours, but this blue is my favourite. The twine is over in my shop if you want to have a peek at the other colours too. Let me know which one is your favourite!


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a photo a day in may

Lately I've been neglecting this little space. I've been busy on Facebook here and here, and very busy making crafty things for Paper Cotton Love and Lollipops And Love. I love every bit of what I'm doing, but I want to keep up my blogging too.

I've been searching for some inspiration...for a simple idea to keep me motivated...for an easy way to fit blogging into my day. Today I found that inspiration, at Foxs Lane. Kate is making a crochet motif every day in May...and I am going to post a photo every day in May!

It might be a photo of something I'm working on, a moment with the kids, a place I visit or someone I see...anything that captures a moment in my day.

Today's photo is a crafty one. This afternoon I found a little time, in between working on customer orders and new products, to start making the first of several cards I need to finish over the next week or so. I have a couple of mothers day cards to make, a birthday card for a friend, and a 4 year old birthday card. I'm usually so busy making things for Paper Cotton Love and Lollipops And Love, that I often forget to make time for my own craft projects, so today was a nice change.

I'm looking forward to posting a photo a day in May!