Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Dolls Cot

This beautiful dolls cot was designed and made in 1926, for my late Grandmother Beryl, when she was just two years old. Her Grandfather, Mr James Duncan Evans, was so thrilled to have a Granddaughter that he designed the cot and had it made for her, in his foundry in Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria.

 My Grandmother treasured this cot for over eighty years, before finally passing it on to my daughter, who was also aged two when she received it.

 The cot still has its original mattress and pillow. The blanket looks to be knitted on one side, with crochet granny squares on the reverse.

The pillow case and sheet have some beautiful detail on them.

Isn't it amazing that after 85 years, this doll's cot is still loved and played with?

My daughter adores her baby dolls, and this cot is as much a treasure to her (and me) as it was to my Grandmother.

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