Wednesday, May 2, 2012

a photo a day in may

Lately I've been neglecting this little space. I've been busy on Facebook here and here, and very busy making crafty things for Paper Cotton Love and Lollipops And Love. I love every bit of what I'm doing, but I want to keep up my blogging too.

I've been searching for some inspiration...for a simple idea to keep me motivated...for an easy way to fit blogging into my day. Today I found that inspiration, at Foxs Lane. Kate is making a crochet motif every day in May...and I am going to post a photo every day in May!

It might be a photo of something I'm working on, a moment with the kids, a place I visit or someone I see...anything that captures a moment in my day.

Today's photo is a crafty one. This afternoon I found a little time, in between working on customer orders and new products, to start making the first of several cards I need to finish over the next week or so. I have a couple of mothers day cards to make, a birthday card for a friend, and a 4 year old birthday card. I'm usually so busy making things for Paper Cotton Love and Lollipops And Love, that I often forget to make time for my own craft projects, so today was a nice change.

I'm looking forward to posting a photo a day in May!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Great idea Tracey!
Ilove the idea of a photo a day.
I do it on Instagram but I should be using my good camera and making more of an effort.
I look forward to watching your May. x