Thursday, April 19, 2012

off to Melbourne...

I wish I could say it was me who was off to Melbourne... but no, it isn't me, it is a lovely package of crochet hats, bags and beanies destined for the Gift Shop at the 2012 Canterbury Art Exhibition.

Several weeks ago we received an invitation from the organisers of the Art Exhibition to provide some handmade crochet items to be offered for sale in their Gift Shop.

These items I am sending over have been handmade by my mother, who is an incredibly talented crocheter, with over 30 years experience. Her inspiration comes from various books, magazines and websites, often making her own yarn and colour selections, and adding her own twist.

I believe there will be an amazing selection of handmade goodies in the Gift Shop (oh how I would love the chance to shop there!) along with a magnificent display of art. If you are lucky enough to be in Melbourne from May 4th to 6th please pay a visit to the show, and show your support for local Australian talent. If you can't attend the show, you can still visit lots of our crochet and other handmade goodies over at Lollipops And Love xx

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