Friday, January 13, 2012

A crochet hook cosy...for me

For Christmas I made my mum a fabric crochet hook cosy...see it here...and for Christmas my mum gave me a whole set of crochet hooks.

I was also given the book 'Cute & Easy Crochet' by Nicki Trench, and so with a whole set of new hooks needing a cosy new home, the obvious first project of choice was the Hook Holder.

This hook holder took a little longer to make up than the previous one, but was still an easy project, combining crochet and sewing. The previous cosy folded up like a wallet and secured shut with a button, this one rolls up and secures with ribbon tied in a bow. I like them both!

I used two co-ordinating pieces of fabric to make the inner lining/pockets. The grey and white dotted fabric was an off-cut saved from a previous project, and the grey and yellow patterned piece is from my new bundle of fabric.

My hooks are cosy...well, organised at least!


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Erin @ Missy Mac Creations said...

Ha ha ha. I was just flicking through my Reader and came to these pics and straight away thought "Oh cool. I have to send this link to Tracey." and then I scrolled back up to see whose blog it was - and it's yours! Doh.

Needless to say - I love, love, love it!