Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday captured

Yesterday was one of those really nice Saturdays...the ones where everyone wakes up chirpy...

there is a morning activity planned and everyone knows the routine to get ready...

and then the afternoon is left free for relaxing, pottering, crafting and playing.

Our morning activity was a trip to the new Heath Ledger Theatre to see Charlie and Lola's best bestest play, an extremely ever so wonderful stage show.

Before we left Miss A got dressed into her Charlie and Lola tee, of course, but was having trouble finding anything  to wear in her hair to match, which wasn't surprising as the tee is an interesting shade of orange (probably why it was on clearance at the ABC Shop for $5!).

So Miss A and I got creative with some very nice dotty orange fabric and our cover buttons...

and made up a pair of hair elastics...

so she could wear her piggy tails and feel super coordinated and stylish (very important at four years old).

The Charlie and Lola stage show really was the best bestest play, full of unexpected surprises that kept us all entertained. (Highly recommend it if your children are fans.)

And then the afternoon...I worked on some new products for the shop...and played with Instagram a lot...for the first time...hence the varied filters on these photos!

And after being inspired over here, I really did dust off my bike and take it for a bit of a spin, something I had been planning to do for quite some time. It was a big novelty for Miss A and Master R to see mum ride her bike. I don't think they believed I knew how!

Hope you are having a happy weekend  xx

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Maxabella said...

I would love to see the Charlie and Lola play. I THINK the kids would come with me, but no matter! LOL. I'm such a fan.

Cute piggies! The orange and white fabric is a nice change from the usual.

Oh, forgot to say that I just found your blog via Lizeylou! x