Thursday, January 5, 2012

Enjoying holiday mode

Christmas was wonderful...and we are still very much in holiday mode here, with my man on leave for another week or so, and school holidays in full swing.

It has been a relaxed fortnight of family and friends, parks, playgrounds, swimming, ice creams, toys, games and craft...

just the way school holidays should be!

With my man at home there has been time to add some finishing touches to our home renovations (photos soon.) We have been painting walls, hanging curtains and de-cluttering. It feels good!

And with an organised home and a relaxed pace, I am finding inspiration for new craft projects everywhere! My to-do list of crafty stuff for 2012 is steadily growing, and the obsessive crafter in me is just itching to get stuck into all of it right now...however I am reminding myself of  my goal for a more relaxed, mindful approach to my craft, and life in general. So one project at a time it is.

I hope you have been able to enjoy extended time in holiday mode too x

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