Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Three little tees

I have been stocking up on summer t-shirts for my children...including plenty of inexpensive ones that they can play in, paint in or just get dirty in. I know how quickly their t-shirts get covered in stains...or a mysterious hole in them (which strangely often appears after some sort of crafty project involving scissors...hmmm.)

I usually buy inexpensive but good quality plain t-shirts for them, but my little girl, who is almost four, now refuses to wear a t-shirt unless it has a picture on it. So to keep her happy (and me too!) I have been adding my own embellishments to the t-shirts.

Three little hearts...one heart was cut from a scrap of spotty fabric, the other two from a pretty piece of floral fabric, picked up in an op-shop. The hearts were applied using an iron-on adhesive, and blanket stitch.

Three little owls cut from patterned fabric and ironed on...

And a layered flower, made from three fabric scraps, with a pink button sewn in the centre.

All of the embellishments were quick, easy and fun to make, and little Miss A is happy to have 'pictures' on her t-shirts.

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