Sunday, October 23, 2011

Rain - for The Playlist

When it rains, the first thing three year old Miss A thinks about is how happy the trees and plants will be. She loves to get out in the garden, just like her dad, and will always join him when there is planting to be done. On Friday, I captured them doing just that.

With perfect clear blue skies, warm weather, and no sign of rain, Miss A took to making her own rain, and gave those new plants and flowers a lovely big drink of water.

And with all that beautiful sunshine, who would've thought we would wake up the following morning to grey skies, thunder and the promise of rain? By late Saturday afternoon, the rain had set in, and when the kids went outside to give their pooch his dinner, there was of course no stopping Master R from running out from under the covered area and into the rain...

to run, jump, get as wet as possible...

And I even caught him trying to catch a few drops of fresh rain water in his mouth!

For more rain play, or to join in with The Playlist, pop over here.


Lee said...

What a lovely flower bed. I love growing things, but don't do it enough.

Have a great week.

1000 Homes of Happiness said...

Gorgeous! Love you little Miss A giving her plants a big drink! Seems rather fitting for it to have rained down the following day. Drinking rainwater right from the sky...bless. I remember doing this when I was little.

Thanks for joining in. xoxox


Little Wonders' Days said...

It looks like such a fun time! I must say your blog header looks fab too, great choice :)