Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A pocketful of vintage

It's been absolutely ages since I received a package full of pretty vintage fabric, from Zwizzle. I had immediate plans for it...the pockets on some tote bags, patchwork cushion covers, bunting for my craft room, and anything else I could use up the scraps on. But because I had other projects on the go when it arrived, I had to put it aside for later (well, I didn't have to, but I knew if I wanted to keep my sanity I really shouldn't be starting another crafty project yet).

Eventually I got around to making the pockets for the tote bags...but pockets were as far as I got, and the project was put on hold again. And then, FINALLY, last week, I got back to it and finished the bags...yes, a whole TWO bags! Hurrah!

So, the vintage fabric on these bags makes a handy pocket on the front
(I like patterns on a plain background...it lets the patterned fabric really 'pop')...

And when not in use the whole bag folds up into a cute little clutch that you can throw in your handbag, ready for shopping. And the pretty vintage pattern becomes the outside so it looks super spesh! These bags were originally inspired by a really plain boring fold-up shopping bag I recieved at the chemist with my shopping a couple of years ago. I ended up using the bag so much that it fell apart...and so I started making my own. These two bags will be listed in my shop soon.

Patchwork cushion covers are next on my list of projects for the vintage fabric. I wonder how long it will be before I get started...and finished...?

Do you have lots of projects on the go? How do you keep organised with your projects and get things done?

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