Monday, July 11, 2011

A New (Unexpected) Creative Space

We have been renovating our bathroom and kitchen for about 10 weeks now, yet neither of these rooms are completely finished. The bathroom still has a few awkward tiles to be laid, and the kitchen cabinetry needs to  be lowered slightly to accommodate the new bench top (which should be ready in a few days) and some old grout still needs to be removed from the walls.

With a fairly free weekend ahead of us, we had the perfect opportunity to complete these small fiddly jobs...BUT...there was another room, one that wasn't exactly on the plan, that was just begging us to pay it a bit of attention....and so instead of finishing off, and maybe having a bit of time to relax, we chose to turn the house upside down once again, with a complete makeover of the spare room/study.

This makeover meant books, furniture, boxes and mess all over the house AGAIN...including all of my craft and sewing, which was packed up and moved into a new (much bigger) creative space.

So of course this had me distracted all day yesterday as I carefully found new homes for my fabric, yarn, sewing books and all of my other precious crafty things. There was a lot of arranging, filling and organising, with new wall shelves, a nice big white desk and some spacious drawers. Everything has its it just needs that personal touch (some comfy patchwork cushions, a string of vintage fabric get the picture) But you can't rush setting up a creative space can you? It needs to feel just right.

So, while there has been a lot of time spent surrounded in fabric and crafty bits and pieces, there hasn't been a lot of actual 'making' going on (apart from a little crochet - the simplicity and portability of which has kept me sane through all of this). And I am missing the making. While I am very grateful for my new spacious space, and all of the other lovely new things going on in my home, I am really longing for it to be finished, and to feel back in the swing of things.

Now that the weekend is over (and the study/craft room is done) those remaining fiddly jobs are being tackled...and fingers crossed for a new bench top this week!

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ecoMILF said...

Look forward to it all being complete for you and you enjoying a whole new inspiring space.