Friday, December 23, 2011

Our Christmas baby turns 4

Asher meaning blessed and happy

Four years ago today we were blessed with the arrival of our beautiful baby girl, Asher. We chose the male spelling of the name Asher based on the meaning: blessed and happy. Our little Asher has truly lived up to her namesake, being the easiest, most content little baby, the calmest and happiest of toddlers, and the most positive and loving little girl.

We celebrated her birthday a few weeks ago, as we have always done to avoid an overload of presents at Christmas. Family came over, we gave her presents, and there were balloons, party food and cake. We called that day her 'party day'  but this year, for the first time, we explained that on December 23rd it would be her 'real birthday'. We thought she understood, until two days ago when she started discussing what presents she would get on her 'real birthday' and who would be coming over! Ok, I guess that plan probably back-fired!

So today there was a small present, lots of birthday wishes, and a visit to the zoo. And all of the birthday cards from 'party day' are out on display again.

And there was a pretty new birthday dress, with hair elastics to match, made especially for her by Mummy. (I followed a set of vague instructions from a magazine clipping, muddled my way through, and when the photos were taken the straps had not been adjusted, and the length had not even been hemmed, but Miss A was happy enough with it!)

Happy Birthday beautiful Miss A xx

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Lee said...

Love Asher's dress and hair ties. Gorgeous! Happy Birthday Asher!