Thursday, August 18, 2011

The moment of inspiration

I love the way kids get stuck into craft the minute inspiration strikes. It might be an episode of Mister Maker that inspires them, an activity in a book, or a prop needed for a game they are playing, but whatever it is they have absolute faith in themselves to make it, and they don't hesitate to get started.

I on the other hand, tend to mentally file away my ideas many times throughout the day, planning and visualising in my mind what I will do...full of motivation, inspiration and excitement...only to find that days or even weeks later, when I finally have an opportunity to get started that most of my initial inspiration has been lost, and I can't quite remember what I wanted to make, or why!

Wouldn't it be great to just drop everything, scatter the contents of a craft box across the floor and start making, the very moment you have an idea, just as kids do? Maybe you do great! Or do you have a way of recording ideas that allows you to recall them just as clearly days or even weeks later?

The next time inspiration strikes, I am going to 'seize the moment' and make something! I hope you can too!

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