Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Starting Out

With anything new, just getting started is often the hardest part. For me, the delay in starting this blog has not only been a question of what to write about, but also how to find the time! But here I am, finally writing my first post, and hopefully setting some direction for my blog which will make future posts that little bit easier.

I have a lot of ideas for my blog and Cotton And Card shop, and I am very excited about finally getting the ball rolling...

Current Fabric Obsession

I have some GREAT fabric sitting on my craft table at the moment. One of my favourites is the Moda Sugar Pop Charm Square Pack. This has been the inspiration for some bright and funky fabric drink coasters. (And will no doubt pop up on a few other projects too.)

Moda Sugar Pop

Another favourite is the Echino Flower Bed Linen in Turquoise. (I do have a soft spot for anything turquoise.) This Japanese fabric is a cotton/linen blend and is available in other colours and patterns, all just as gorgeous. I am yet to decide on a definite project for this fabric.

Echino Flower Bed Linen Turquoise

My five year old son joined me for a 'spot' of craft a couple of days ago. He is a very creative soul, and was quick to claim a half finished clutch purse I had abandoned part way through as the sizing was incorrect.

“I’m going to finish this mum” he declared, and disappeared for a few moments, to return with his cotton and sewing needle ready to go. He began his sewing and I continued on with my project. All of a sudden he put down his sewing and said quite matter of factly, “Nope, this just isn’t working mum.”  I had to smile as I replied “I know the feeling.”

The Sugar Pop inspired drink coasters have been one such example of “this just isn’t working” The initial idea was for a very simple lightweight fabric coaster, perhaps with a linen or calico backing. But then I started to investigate the options for a middle lining, that might improve the function-ability of the coaster.

Upon the advice of the lovely lady at the fabric store I decided to try a needled insulated lining material. However after several attempts I have decided to scrap this idea. I wasn’t enjoying working with the material, and I wasn't happy with the finished product - too much bulk.

I have since returned to my “simple” design, and I am very happy with the end result. A little more road testing is required (a few cups of tea, a glass of red, and some laundering) but if all goes well some very cute drink coasters will be available from Cotton And Card very soon!

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Frosty074 said...

I love the new Moda Sugar Pop colours!