Sunday, February 5, 2012


We took two excited kiddies to Kings Park this morning with the promise of visiting the new Naturescape play area, only to discover it temporarily closed!

We had two very disappointed kiddies to contend with then...but it was nothing a babycino and scones with jam and cream couldn't fix.

We followed up with a walk through Kings Park (well, a walk for the grown-ups at just run everywhere don't they?) and we were enjoying the amazing views, the surroundings and the beautiful weather...until Master R decided to run on a stone wall...resulting in two grazed knees, a stubbed toe and a grazed elbow...well, they will run everywhere!

So the walk was cut short to take the hobbling boy home to his Transformers bandaids. We had him patched up and running around again in no time.

Hope you had some (safe) adventures this weekend!


Anonymous said...

your kids are really cute. gotta love those babycinos! happy they enjoyed there day in the end...even at running speed! i know what you mean about that too. sometimes penny spends entire days doing the same. xo.

Lizeylou said...

Look at that those cute smiling faces.
Babychinos fix most things in our house too!!