Sunday, September 18, 2011


I have always loved making things, but in the past I haven't always allowed myself to spend as much time doing craft as I would have liked. There were always other seemingly more important things to do like work, study, cook or clean. I would tell myself that when these jobs were done there would be time to make something, but of course these jobs are never really 'done' are they?

Becoming a mum several years ago gave me more time at home, but of course I was busier than ever and still had no spare time for craft...and if there was time, I was far too tired!

But as my kids have grown, their love of craft and making has grown too, and I have found that craft has effortlessly become a part of our every day lives. 

And for me, starting my Etsy shop has taken this one step further by giving me the excuse I needed to finally put my craft ahead of all of those other jobs! I have more drive and motivation and a real purpose for my making, and I am happy!


All of the above photos are of a birthday card and gift I made a couple of days ago for my son's friend, who has just turned six.

I used a technique called tea bag folding to make the medallion on the card. The pink flower is made from felt, with a little pink bead stitched into its centre, and attached to a hair elastic.

It is always nice to see the things we make loved and enjoyed by others. I hope you have time to make something for someone...or something for yourself  :)

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