Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Paper, Scissors, Make

After my visit to Scrapbook Secrets a couple of weeks ago, I had big plans for a weekend of paper crafting and card making. I imagined spending the weekend at my craft desk, surrounded in beautiful card, paper, and embellishments, and having uninterrupted time to bring to fruition all of the ideas swimming about in my head.

But with a three and a five year old, of course it was not going to happen this way! Instead I had to fit my craft in around all of the distractions from the kids - making their food, getting their drinks, finding lost toys, cleaning up mess, admiring their drawings, breaking up fights and participating in their games.

Uninterrupted craft time would be wonderful and productive, and occasionally it does happen. But still, I love that the bulk of my crafting and making happens in the heart of the home, with my family around me.  

And besides, even with all of the distractions, I still managed to make a couple of cards, cover a wooden photo frame...and get started on a few other works-in-progress!

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Kate said...

It's hard to imagine all that we could create without the kiddie distractions but you still did well. I love that flower card.